Monday, August 22, 2011

Teacher's Desk with Notepad and Candy!

Here is a perfect gift for any teacher! In addition to being oh-so-cute, it has a pencil and notepad for jotting down important notes. And inside the drawers are little chocolates to help ease those little stressful moments! Change up the theme and make a desk for your co-workers filled with paper clips, rubber bands, etc.!

To get the instructions for this cute project designed by Chris, just head on over to Craft Project Central and subscribe to August.

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  1. Hi,
    I'm having some trouble and hope you can help. I want to make the teachers table and so I joined for August as it says to do. I cannot find the example or instructions for it anywhere. Was it for a year other than 2013? If it's 2013, where can I find it?
    PLEASE help me. Thank you.
    Tammy Ann

  2. Actually this post (and accompanying project) are from 2011, and Craft Project Central only stores one year at a time. I don't have the instructions for this, but I did a similar version myself from scratch last year

    I did my drawers the same as her, using the Matchbox die, stacking 3 and then wrapping a strip of cardstock around them all to hide the gaps, and then I improvised the rest, to make it how I wanted it.

    I'm not positive, but it's possible the designer of this desk, Chris, may be able to help you with exact measurements, etc. Her blog is linked through her name in this post.

    I hope that helped you :)