Saturday, February 5, 2011

My Digital Studio

Stampin' Up!'s digital studio is SO quick, easy and fun!!! As much as I love working with paper, the MDS is great for catching up on years worth of neglected scrapbooking, in a fraction of the time, and for making photo postcards for Christmas, new baby, etc... here are some samples of what I've done in a very short amount of time. The Christmas card, and all but the last 2 scrapbook pages, (as well as the title image for this blog), are all Stampin' Up! stuff, and on the others, I used images from other digital sources, along with some SU digital elements. You can use any digital scrapbooking stuff, (with the right file extensions), in the MDS program, and any MDS files that come with the software, or that you download from Stampin' Up! can also be used with other digital programs interchangeably. Each of these pages took 5 minutes or less!

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